Exclusive to shock absorbers / Seal Packing / Rubber & plastic components / Professional manufacturer
Company Introduction

Team management, quick implementation and excellent services


  Our team specializes in all types of plastics, rubber production. Our products includes diverse plastics parts, rubber parts such as bike parts, auto parts , gear box , motor parts, etc. Our main customers are  from Europe, United States, Germany and Japan.

  To achieve the vertical integration of supply chain, technological autonomy and provide better customer service , we offer complete services of mold development, product injection ,etc. For the sake of the stability of commodities, we increased the new quality control testing equipment and various types of processing machines to produce, process and check the quality. All the parts are completed and checked in-house. We can not only offer strict quality check, but also shorten overall development time and ensure clients' commercial secrets.


  We uphold the concept of "professional, service, quality and responsibility"to meet your requirements and hope that we can offer the processes and products with our professional technologies and international sales team. We hope to achieve the goal of "professional services, global vision".

Company History
Our company specializes in customized , rubber and plastic products. Our products includes diverse parts for motor vehicles , bicycles , wheel box , manual & pneumatic tools etc. Our main customers are well-known in United States, Germany and other countries.
Wei Huei Enterprises Co., Ltd. was established. Engaging in manufacturing faucet parts and the sales
Up Seals, Inc. was established and turned to be a customized manufacturer in making all types of internal shock transition moving parts, rubber/plastic.
We were certified the ISO-9001 international quality certification
Set up a web site to allow been searched and been contacted by customers, foreigns or domestics. We plan to expand European and Japanese market activities